Great Dane Pups Reunite 

Last year, we introduced you to a Glenburn woman.. her dog Liberty had given birth to eleven puppies.Sadly, Liberty passed away during a c-section.. and that left Liberty’s owners to care for the eleven Great Dane pups..One of the little guys has since passed away, but Saturday seven of the brothers and sisters reunited in Glenburn.”There’s something magnificent about a Great Dane. Not just when you see them, because they’re certainly magnificent to look at, but they’re so devoted and so loyal and so loving and people are right when they say they’re the gentle giant.”Crista Jakacky knows all about the love of great danes.. afterall she acted as mommy to eleven pups when their mom, Liberty, passed away.Jakacky hand-raised the animals, she bottle fed them 24 hours a day and loved them unconditionally.She kept one little guy, Hercules, and sold the others to loving homes.But she missed them all, and decided to host a reunion.”As each one arrived I’d get teary. I guess it’s probably like a mom seeing your kids when they come home for college,” said Crista Jakacky. One by one the pups arrived, looking much different than last year. They were 2 to 3 pounds when we first met them, now, they range from 110 to 130 pounds.Some have had name changes, but all are still the loving dogs Jakacky raised.”The one thing I’ve heard from all the owners is that that’s what’s best about them– their temperament. Their personalities and just how much they’re loved.””He’s got to be with you. He loves to cuddle. He doesn’t care how big he is, he’s gonna cuddle with you. He’s just fantastic,” said Michelle Sudsbury of Guilford who has one of the pups.Only seven of the pups could make it to the reunion. One passed away in February from a disease in which the immune system kills its own red blood cells. It’s a disease Hercules was also diagnosed with,but he’s going to be ok.”After months of a battery of different immune suppressant drugs he’s made a comeback and he’s doing very well,” said Jakacky.Great Danes are also known to help others, that’s one reason Rachel Pulley got one. Her son is autistic, and their dog, Bella, is a great help to him.”She is so therapeutic for him and she’s wonderful with him and great danes temperament with autistic children is unbelievable, that connection they have,” said Rachel Pulley of Bangor.Through the reunion the dogs got to rekindle the connection they have with one another, and their owners say, it’s a family reunion they never would have wanted to miss.”I got the thing in the mail, the invitation. It was just like yay! Just to see them all together is unbelievable,” said Sudsbury.”To see her playing with her brothers and sisters and just being able to run around completely free… she’s not going anywhere. She’s not running away, she’s just enjoying the company of people and all the other dogs she was born with,” said Matt Pulley.For Jakacky, it’s a great moment, but also a sad one. “It’s bittersweet. It’s great to see them, but it’s hard to see them go again…”