Jared Fogle Stops In Bangor To Promote Healthier Eating 

Jared Fogle who is the spokesman for Subway Restaurants took a pit stop in Bangor this weekend. First by greeting the teams at the Senior League World Series, then cruising into the airport mall earlier today for a rally to enlighten the audience to choose a healthier lifestyle. Jared’s tale of struggle inspired many.Fogle explained, “when you weight over 400 pounds, your life is so restricted. I couldn’t do anything. I was having struggles. I was struggling, concentrating on my classes, and everything was falling apart in my life it seemed like.”After shredding 245 pounds, city councilor Gerry Palmer handed Jared a key to the city for his accomplishment as well as his involvement in the community.Also on hand was one of the Bangor area Subway owner, Brian Hansen. “Jared’s story from 1998 to 12 years later still resonates today, that it matters about watching your health and subway offers a good lifestyle message with many choices.”Jared’s journey does not end here in Bangor. He will be traveling to 200 additional cities sharing his story. And for some final advice about keeping the weight off, “never back off your routine its as simple as that,” said Fogle.