Bangor Manager Ron St. Pierre Discusses His Teams Remarkable SLWS Run 

Ron St. Pierre – Bangor Manager”The week’s gone by so fast but it’s been kind of a miracle season. We knew these kids could do it. They told me last fall when we played last August that they were going to win it all last year and I chuckled. This year, they told me that and I really didn’t chuckle. I thought they had a chance to do it.Just the pleasure of watching the kids play, it’s not one specific item. Just the pleasure of sitting back on that bench and seeing these kids enjoy each other, fight to the end, just loving each other actually. I’ve never seen such a cohesive group in all my life.I just thanked them for playing hard for me. I’ve been around the game for 54 years, they’ll always be in my heart. I told them that if they ever coach, to remember what they were like and to be good to each other and be good to the kids and it’ll pay off in the long run.”