Jury Finds Chasse Guilty 

The verdict was rendered Friday in the trial of a Maine State Prison inmate charged with kidnapping, terrorizing and assault.After nearly two hours of deliberation, a jury found Michael Chasse guilty on all eleven counts against him.Chasse defended himself during the two week trial, and throughout proceedings he admitted to holding a prison librarian and an inmate in an office of the prison, tying them up and injuring them.Chasse said he was involuntarily intoxicated by a letter the ate, which had lipstick marks on it. He says the lipstick contained LSD. “This is a major case in every possible way . The effect on the prison is significant. Our evidence was truly overwhelming and so it’s a very satisfying verdict,” said Geoff Rushlau, District Attorney.We spoke with Chasse’s mother, Jeannine Greenleaf, outside the courthouse. She says she does not agree with the choices he has made, but he is her son, and she loves him unconditionally.Sentencing for Michael Chasse will be held sometime this fall.He has asked for a lawyer to represent him during those proceedings.