Groundbreaking For New Library on Swan’s Island 

Two years ago Swan’s Island lost its library to fire.On Friday, folks there celebrated a big step taken to build a new one.Candice Joyce has lived on Swan’s Island for over 30 years. She remembers the night lightning struck the Old Atlantic Schoolhouse Library.”I know which lightning struck/hit the building because it literally shook my bed.”That bolt caused a fire with flames so intense, it destroyed the building.”It was a huge blow culturally to the community,” she said.Left in ruins, the community came together to rebuild the library and raised money by hosting fundraisers and auctions.Now, two years later, the residents of Swan’s Island are celebrating, their landmark library is being rebuilt.”It’s really exciting the community has been so nice to let us “The little community received a nearly four hundred thousand dollar grant to build the new facility, the largest grant that’s been given to a library in the nation. Senator Susan Collins was on hand for Friday’s groundbreaking. She praised the community’s efforts.”This isn’t about money, this is about a community coming together to raise money to build something that will help everyone”The Board of Trustees hopes the new facility will be ready to open in the next six months.Joyce says she believes the library will provide the same comfort the old one left behind.”There was a serenity to the old building that we hope people will come in and be a part of our family,” she said.