Lincoln Police Crack Down on Drunk Drivers 

Police in Lincoln are wrapping up the summer by cracking down on drunk drivers. The department’s taking part in a nationwide campaign for the next two-and-a-half weeks, looking for people who drink and then get behind the wheel. As part of the effort, officers will stop drivers at random and set up roadblocks.The department received a $3,000 grant from the federal government to help cover the cost of increased overtime. Chief Scott Minckler says, “It actually turns out for us to be roughly 100 to 120 hours of added overtime patrols for our officers. So we can go out and make sure people are safe, coming up with the holiday weekend coming up in early September – Labor Day.”Minckler says he wants people to enjoy these last few weeks of summer, but if you’re drinking – appoint someone be a designated driver or hire a cab to get to where you need to go. Other police departments in the state are also getting federal money to increase their patrols.