Independent Candidate for Governor Speaks at Luncheon 

Folks in Bangor had the chance to have lunch and talk with a man who wants to be Maine’s next governor.Eliot Cutler is running as an Independent.He was the speaker at Fusion Bangor’s Noontime Networks luncheon.Cutler used the first 20 minutes of his speech to lay out his vision for the state. “We need to cut down the wall of costs that are keeping us from being competitive, we need to cut down the wall of no that’s discouraging people from coming to Maine to do business and to invest and then we need to invest in our competitive advantages and in educating our young people,” said Eliot Cutler.A question and answer session was part of the program at Thursday’s luncheon.For more information about Eliot Cutler, you can visit his campaign webiste at .