Fire Destroys Big Apple in Corinna 

Fire destroyed the Big Apple Citgo gas station in Corinna Thursday.It happened just after noon at the store on Newport Road.A passer-by saw smoke coming from the back of the building, and went in to tell the folks in the store.The manager, a worker and two customers were inside at the time — all got out safely.Corinna Fire Chief, Leslie Bolstridge tells TV 5 when they arrived on scene there were flames and smoke coming from the roof.The fire was controlled, but he says they are always extra cautious when dealing with a fire at a gas station.”There’s always the potential of getting into the fuel tanks, fuel lines, the pumps, anything erupting, hard time getting the power shut off,” said Chief Leslie Bolstridge with the Corinna Fire Department.Fire crews from five towns responded to the blaze.No word yet on what sparked the fire. The fire marshal has been called in to investigate.