Chemical Ban Debated 

The chemical Bisphenol-A also called, BPA could top Maine’s worst of the worst toxic chemicals list. In Augusta Thursday the board of environmental protection (BEP) heard from dozens of people who support the ban of BPA in children’s products.If banned it would be Maine’s first “priority chemical” under the kid-safe products act of 2008. While the ban got a lot of support Thursday, some think it needs to be expanded even more to eliminate BPA in food packaging. Michael Belliveau is the executive director of the Environmental Health Strategy Center. Belliveau says, “This won’t be a fully protected regulation unless it takes on the current greatest source of exposure which is canned infant formula and baby food jars. The bisphenol-a leaches out of the linings of the can and jar lids and contaminate the food. The science is well documented.”Connecticut, Vermont, Washington, Maryland, Wisconsin and Minnesota passed legislation that bans BPA. In animal studies BPA has been shown to disrupt the hormone systems and has been linked to cancer, obesity and other diseases. However, the science is debated. Dr. Steven Hentges of the American Chemical Council says, “There’s data that’s all around the map in terms of what it reports. When that evidence is weighed together and compared with all the others that leads to the conclusion that BPA isn’t a risk to human health.”