Camp KidCare 

KidCare America is an organization that provides mentoring after school programs for children.This year, they started camp KidCare. It’s a 5 week educational and interactive summer program for kids from first through 8th grade.There’s one going on in Lincoln this summer.”It’s thrilling to see them just engaged in the learning process, our goal is to make learning so fun they don’t recognize that it is learning,” says Michelle Russell, Director of KidCare America.Each week of KidCare Camp has a different theme, like Ocean Week, and Space Week. Each topic has a field trip to go along with it. This week’s theme was inventing technology.”I really like this one because we get to build stuff and I like to do that and create,” says Tiara Tardy, a 6th grader involved in the camp.Instead of traveling somewhere, the field trip came to the students this week. “Two Crazy Women” stopped by. They run interactive and educational programs for kids. “We believe that when their involved they learn something with out realizing it.” Pam Newcomb of Two Crazy Women goes on to say, “This afternoon they’re creating their own inventions so they’re learning the design process. It’s all hands-on.”Thursday the kids learned how to make catapults. They were also challenged to design a structure that would hold a bean bag for five seconds. Amy Rouse of Two Crazy Women says, “They worked on teams, they listened to each other, they shared ideas, good communication skills, good problem solving.” “They have really awesome people here to help you,” says Tardy.Organizers say they want to keep kids engaged in an educational environment during the summer, so when they head back to school in the fall they’ll have the skills they’ll need to succeed. Russell adds, “I hope this is sparking their interest to think I can be anything. We really believe here at KidCare America, children have so much potential. They’re not our future leaders, they’re leaders of their generation right now.”