BEP Orders Clean Up of Holtrachem Facility 

After two years of appeals and hearings, the Board of Environmental Protection has ordered the clean up of the former Holtrachem facility in Orrington.BEP members voted in favor of accepting a plan that orders the Mallinckrodt company to remove two of the five contaminated landfills.The company will also have to manage the remaining three sites to ensure they are safe.The former Holtrachem plant made chemicals used in the pulp and paper industry for more than 30-years.The plant closed in 2001.Today’s order reduces what the department of environmental protection had originally required of Mallinckrodt, which was to remove all five landfills.Company officials say they’re eager to begin clean-up, but they still don’t agree with all the terms.Mallinckrodt contests that the removal of landfill number two would expose citizens in Orrington to harmful air emissions.The clean up is expected to cost Mallinckrodt more than $100,000,000.