Woman Drops Nearly 80 Pounds in 5 Months 

Just five months ago Katie Rines was a different person both inside and out.”It’s harder to do stuff the bigger you are. Just getting in and out of your car is a hard thing to do,” said Katie Rines, from Northport. It wasn’t just being big that was the issue, Rines also had health issues. “I had a test done and they said there was something wrong with my liver and I think there was just too much fat around my liver,” said Rines.Today her liver issues are non-existant and her overall health is much better.”She’s lost 78 pounds since March, 48 inches and 59 pounds of body fat,” Catherine Perry, co-owner of Curves in Belfast. She’s done it by working out at Curves in Belfast and eating healthier.”It’s been interesting to watch her grow as a person become less inhibited and have a better view towards life,” said Perry. Rines says she sees the difference when she looks at old photographs… And she’s finally able to be her fun, energetic self.”I was like a hermit for the two years I put on so much weight and now I’m starting to just come back out again and be myself again.””She motivates other people and yeah, she’s definitely an inspiration to our other members,” said Jaime Maresh, co-owner of Curves in Belfast.For now, she wants to drop 100 pounds- but even when she gets there she says she’s not stopping and she encourages other women to get moving as well.”Once you start I promise you will not want to stop. It’s addictive, but it’s a good addiction,” said Rines with a laugh.