An Explanation of Bangor Hand Signals at SLWS 

The Bangor team is having fun during the tournament. During their two wins, they’ve adopted a few celebratory moves. Fans need to stay on top of the unusual activity. Here is a brief description of the players new hand signals and how it all began.Josiah Hartley – Bangor Outfielder”Jacob Searles, we call him shaggy, he was watching the Rangers game and when they get hits or do something good they have signals for it.”Jacob Searles – Bangor Outfielder”I saw it on Sportscenter one morning and thought it was the coolest thing ever. So I came to practice and told Seth Freudenberger and he was like thats an awesome idea.”Seth Freudenberger – Bangor Second Baseman”Most of the people have figured it out…. its pretty basic.””If you get a single its a half claw,…. double its a full extension claw.””If there is a stolen base or hustle play they put up antlers.””Adam hit a triple, double claw, never seen the double claw.””And a home run is the fish hook.””I didn’t really catch on til this game, but it pumps us up so whatever works.”They hope to have a chance to display the antlers tomorrow against New Jersey.