Red Cross in Critical Need of Blood 

The American Red Cross wants new england residents to donate blood!The organization hosted a blood drive at the YMCA in Ellsworth Tuesday.In just two hours, 60 people donated to help give the gift of life.The organization says they are at a critical level and are accepting all blood types, especially O Negative because that can be given to any blood type.Nicholas Applebee donated blood for the first time when he was 17 years old, these days he makes an effort to donate blood three times a year, in honor of his nephew.”Growing up I had a nephew who had cancer and he had a lot of surgeries and you go through a lot of blood so I wanted to help him get back in,” he said.Robyn Lassard donated blood for the second time on Tuesday. She came close to needing a transfusion when she gave birth, and she like Applebee, felt donating was her responsibility.Lassard says first time donors shouldn’t be afraid. “It’s actually really quick, the people here are so nice and they give you free food.”