Michael Chasse Trial 

Maine State Prison inmate Michael Chasse continues to call witnesses in his trial in Rockland.He’s accused of kidnapping and assault at the prison and is representing himself.Prosecutors say Chasse held a prison worker and an inmate hostage for seven hours in the office of the prison library in june of 2008.Chasse has pleaded not guilty.Tuesday, Chasse called a law librarian from the prison to the stand.He testified that he and the prison worker who was held hostage worked closely with each other, but she has bigger responsibilities.The law librarian said both he and the other worker are very accommodating to inmates and try to get them all the material they ask for.He said only a handful of inmates were dissatisfied with their accommodations, one being Chasse.He also said Chasse is able to store his materials in a room at the prison and has more storage space than anyone else.District Attorney Geoff Rushlau tells us Chasse will testify Wednesday.Closing arguments are expected to begin Thursday.