Fire Fighters From All Over Maine Getting Integral Training In Bangor 

Safety and teamwork. That’s the major emphasis at a training workshop for firefighters going on in Bangor. For the next two weeks, 18 firefighters will learn just about all there is to know about fighting fires. “”we bring them in here for a bit of basic training. it’s credible training toward their firefighter 1 and 2 certification,” says Frank Hammond the Training Program Manager. Some are here as part of a live-in program with area fire departments. They’re students studying to be firefighters who come from all over the state. In exchange for providing room and board to the students, the participating fire departments have the trainees respond to calls with them and learn the ropes all while helping them protect the communities they serve. 18-year-old Jordan Stewart just got hired by the Hampden fire department. He’s in his third day of training and is anxiously awaiting that first call. “I bet it’s gonna be an adrenaline rush,” Stewart says. “I’ve practiced going down the pole a thousand times you know. I’ve practiced putting my gear on at the station, all that stuff just to ready for the moment.”Five members of the Alton volunteer fire department must complete this training in order for the department to get a $200,000 grant for a new truck. Some of them, like Mark Wade, had to take time away from work. “Being married, I have a farm, it’s a lot for the spouses, and most of the guys are married and it’s tough for them. But it’s worth it. I’m an officer so I’m hoping to be a better officer for my guys and help out the town.”Instructors say the most important lesson to take away from the training is teamwork. “We have a 2 in and 2 out rule where 2 people go in and 2 people come out you know,” says Stewart. “I go in their I’m relying on my partner and my partner is relying on me. Our lives are in each others hands so team work is a big part of this.”