Rescued Bear Cub Released 

Every so often an orphaned bear cub is found and taken to a rehabilitation center, like Second Chances Wildlife in New Sharon. “This particular bear is called Berr, and that’s because he had cockleberrs all over his butt when he showed up. He was 7 lbs. 4 ounces on arrival” says Dawn Brown of Second Chances Wildlife.Since his June 6th arrival Berr has been living at the rehab center, learning the survival skills he’ll need.Brown adds, “I feel very blessed having the facilities that we have because it’s just a natural habitat so when a bear is in need of rehab they can go there, they can learn their skills, it just really prepares them to go back to the wild.”Berr has started *that* journey. He was put to sleep, then he was tagged, weighed, measured, and given a high tech tracking collar. “It’s going to allow use to actually track the bears movements on the internet so about every five hours it’s going to send a signal to the satellites telling us where the bear is” says Randy Cross, a wildlife biologist.The collar is equipped with a battery pack, a VHF, an antenna, a GPS, and a break away. The break away allows the collar to loosen as the bear grows and eventually fall off. “We’ll gain real accurate data on what’s going on.”Berr was released Monday in a remote part of township 41. For those who watched him grow this is a proud day. The orphaned cub that arrived in June at just 7 pounds now weighs in at 44, and is prepared for life in the wild.”He has great skills and it will be really interesting to see how he adapts and how he’s doing and I think he has the capabilities” adds Brown.To learn more about Second Chance Wildlife and Berr’s journey, you can log onto