Chasse Trial Continues 

The trial of Michael Chasse entered it’s second week in Rockland Monday.He’s accused of kidnapping and assault at the Maine State Prison where he’s an inmate.Prosecutors say Chasse held a prison worker and an inmate hostage for seven hours in the office of the prison library in June of 2008.Chasse has pleaded not guilty. He’s representing himself during this jury trial.The state is done calling their witnesses.Monday, Chasse called a female correctional officer from the prison to the stand.Chasse had the woman read from a log book from the prison, that she wrote in while he was under constant watch.While she was on duty, Chasse tried to engage in conversation with her.In the log book, she wrote that Chasse told her he thought he was doing the right thing. He wasn’t planning on using the weapon on the prison worker, but he wanted to scare her so she would be more cooperative.The state asked the correctional officer if on the day of the alleged incident she noticed Chasse acting in a bizarre manner, she said no.The trial is expected to wrap up either Tuesday or Wednesday.