Intertribal Pow-wow at Leonard’s Mills 

An Intertribal Pow-wow took place at Leonard’s Mills in Bradley this weekend.The Maine Forest and Logging Museum hosted the two-day event.The Host Drum for the event was Two Feathers from Maine.Music, dancing and storytelling took place.Vendors were on hand providing beaded, leather and feather goods, as well as native foods.The tribes used this as a gathering and teaching time.This was the first time the pow-wow was held at Leonard’s Mills and participants say it’s a great location.”The land here is very, very powerful. We feel the spirits. We feel the people who have been here before us. Our ancestors are everything to us. They teach us, they let us know if we’re doing things in the correct way,” said Michael Paczesny, official fire keeper for the pow-wow.Participants say they will more than likely hold the event at Leonard’s Mills again next year.