Award Winning Author Speaks To Kids In Bar Harbor 

A group of kids in Bar Harbor got to learn a little bit about ocean and marine life this afternoon. Their teacher was an award winning children’s author.Folks at the Bar Harbor Whale Museum have been trying to get kids excited about marine life. Sunday afternoon they brought in a special guest to help pique their interest. Award winning children’s author Fran Hodgkins read her latest book to a group of children then she stuck around to answer questions and sign a few books. “We had a group of children come and hear about how I became a writer, and some of the books I’ve done and how marine scientists do some of the work they do in marine mammal rescues,” says Hodgkins.Hodgkins books are enjoyed by children across the country. Her message is simple. Marine life can be very interesting but kids should exercise caution around marine animals. “They’re not stuffed, cuddly things because they really can, they don’t mean to be, but they’re like dogs. If you scare them they can inflict injury. So we try to impress on them the wonder of the world around the beauty of these creatures,” she says.Hodgkins wrote her first book, the orphan seal, back in 2000. Since then the native New Englander has published more than 20 children’s books. “I’ve always loved children’s books. When I decided to become a writer it was what was the best fit for me and the thing that interested me.”Now she’s hoping to pass that interest, and the love of marine life, on to as many young people as she can. “I just hope that they’re open to learning about the ocean and really learning for their whole lives. You should never figure that you know everything, that there’s nothing new under the sun.”