Medway Marks its 135th Birthday 

A summer celebration in Medway is also giving folks a chance to commemorate the town’s history. For the next 10 days, Medway is marking it’s 135th birthday. And it’s a birthday party that’s sure to make a splash… “We’re pretty much just having fun, getting wet, getting soaked.”Thanks to a guest of honor, like no other.”Medway’s such a great town – it’s such a good thing to celebrate.”Medway’s “Centennial + 35” is a chance for folks to celebrate a mill-town community that’s been standing strong since 1875.Organizer Philip Perkins says “What we’ve seen is more people leaving than coming and the people that are here, quite often it can be very depressing to see the economy changing. However, we’re resilient and it’s really important we keeping looking at the positives.”Perkins says the party is a spinoff of the centennial celebration in 1975 and promises more than 100 hours of music, food and fun.”From 10 to 10 each day for 10 days we have events scheduled as well as multiple events throughout the day. We have things for children, elderly, we really try to cater to everybody in our community.”Along with those who come back to the community, says Amy Adams.”Oh, it’s fabulous, friends and family come from all over the place. I’ve got friends from the southern part of the state that are up. And out of state friends that I met last night at supper. It’s just been great.”Perkins says he’s heard a lot of that already – and hopes, like the birthday, it’s just the beginning.”The community is already starting to come together. Our hope is that the people will stay together after this. They’ll get more involved in the community and really show our pride.”You can check out all of the activities for the Medway birthday celebration at