Day Five of Chasse Trial 

Friday was day five of the trial of Michael Chasse.He’s accused of kidnapping and assault at the Maine State Prison where he is an inmate.Prosecutors say Chasse held a prison worker and an inmate hostage for seven hours in the office of the prison library in June of 2008.Chasse has pleaded not guilty, and he’s taken the lead in his own defense. The state has finished calling witnesses and we’re told Michael Chasse had an original list of 25 witnesses he wants to call to the stand.There was no word Friday on how many of those people he will bring in to testify.Chasse called a doctor to the stand Friday.Doctor Donnelly previously evaluated Chasse’s mental state.Donnelly testified Chasse sufferes Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which may have been caused by Chasse feeling threatened by other inmates when he was released from solitary confinement into the general prison population.The doctor also says Chasse has a mixed personality comprised of anti-social and narcissistic personalities. He went on to say Chasse had planned the hostage situation, saying he would kill an inmate and a guard if he had to. Donnelly also said the day of the incident Chasse knew what he was doing and knew it was wrong and understood the consequences that could come from it.The state questioned whether Chasse really has PTSD or if he learned so much about the disorder that he knew exactly what to say to indicate he had it. The trial is expected to wrap up either Tuesday or Wednesday.