Children’s Book about Bangor 

A mother and daughter duo have teamed up and created a children’s book.Their book focuses on all the different landmarks in Bangor.Meghan Hayward has the story.”My mother came to me and she had an initial idea and I wrote quite a bit in high school and I said okay let’s do it. I gave it a shot and it only took me a couple nights to write and then I handed it over to her to do the illustrations.”Lost in Bangor is a children’s book, about a dog named Max who wanders throughout the city, visiting several landmarks.”Just learning more about Bangor. I think a lot of times they just go by certain landmarks and aren’t even aware of what the town has to offer. So I think it’s good to just keep kids informed of what’s around them in this town.”This duo enjoys working together.”It’s great. She’s my best friend so what better way to actually work then with your daughter and best friend.”In the book, Max roams to Cascade Park, the Discovery Museum and the Paul Bunyan statue.When he gets hungry, he heads to Frank’s Bake Shop.”I just fell in love with the book. The story and the illustrations are just wonderful. Everyone who came into the bakery I would show and they were so excited they said I want one.”Now folks can purchase the book for ten-dollars from Frank’s Bake Shop.It’s also being sold at Rebecca’s, Briar Patch, Bookmarks and Mr. Paperback.”We wanted to definitely do a Bangor-based printer because we wanted everything to be local. Furbush-Roberts did the printing and they did a wonderful job.”For kids who want to follow max’s journey, there’s a map at the tail end of the book.