10 Years Later Triplet Park Still Growing 

Ten years ago a house fire led to the deaths of three young boys and a local firefighter in Unity. At the families request a park was built where the children’s home once stood. Today it has become a gift to the community that has helped the family, and the community, heal. After the fire, the triplet’s family donated the land to the Unity Barn Raisers (UBR). In 2002, Triplet Park was created. Unity Barn Raisers Executive Director Tess Fairbanks-Woods says the park has been built through the dedication and hard work of volunteers. This year marks ten years since the tragedy Fairbanks-Woods says, “When the 10 year anniversary rolled around the family got in touch with us and said we’d love to even give more to the community through the park what we’d love to do is grow some produce there for the food pantry.” Today, vegetables like rhubarb and beans grown on the grounds. UBR would like to add fruit trees to Triplet Park too. Family friend and volunteer Don Newell has helped build the area and says, “That was the dream, to take something that was horrific and turn it around to something that was really good.” Triplet Park has been nominated to receive an orchard, but votes are required to win it. Edy’s Fruit Bars and the Fruit Tree Foundation will select five communities from across the nation to receive the fruit orchard. Fairbanks-Woods and Newell hope they can win it to help continue the healing and let the families know they’ll never forget all they’ve lost. To vote for Triplet Park click here.