Teenage Girl From Corinth Winning Big in Motocross Racing 

The best drivers in motocross racing are mostly men. In Corinth, a 13 year old girl is not only holding her own against the guys, she’s also taking home trophies.Her name is Gabrielle Conners and as Prescott Rossi found out, the sky is the limit for this child racing wonder.It was pretty clear from a young age that Gabrielle Conners was something special. Her family has estimated that she’s won over 200 trophies in her young career. As she gets older, the competition is getting tougher, but Gabrielle keeps on winning.For 13 year old Gabrielle Conners, going over the course at Mountainview Motocross in Carmel is just another day of practice.”I guess it runs in the family. My dad used to race and my grandfather used to race.”She’s been riding since she was three years old and has been racing since age seven.”It’s like whoever is in front of me, I just want to beath them. It’s like it’s my goal to get ahead of whoever is in front of me.”From an early age, she’s been taking home trophies even in races against the boys.”Yeah, I love to beat the guys. There have been a few of them that didn’t really like that I beat them but most of them are good about it.”Motocross isn’t always glorious for gabrielle. While she hasn’t broken any bones, she has taken some bad spills that have given her bumps and bruises. For her family, it can be pretty nerve-racking.”You’d have to have no feelings if it didn’t. It does. I’m the first one that when I see her go down, I get real scared.”She hopes to one day go pro in motocross and shows no sign of slowing down.”I dont know if there is a limit to where she can take this to. It’s unlimited I guess.”Gabrielle Conners has a couple tune up races over the next few weeks before the regionals in Winchester, New Hampshire on September 20th. Even at age 13, she is hoping to compete in a class with both men and women.