Rolling Globe Raising Diabetes Awareness 

Some of you may have spotted two men and a dog rolling a giant globe around the streets of eastern Maine over the past few days. So what are they up to??? They’ve actually started rolling the globe since April when they left Washington D.C.If you were to drive the 710 miles from Washington D.C. to Acadia National Park, it would take around 13 and a half hours. It’s taking Erik and Ethan Bendl a little bit longer. The father and son, along with their dog Nice and a giant inflatable globe, are making the trek on foot and trying to set an example. “We’re doing it for diabetes awareness,” says Erik, “we’re trying to get the word out that if people get out and exercise more they can prevent it. If they’re prone to it or if they have it they can control their condition a whole lot better.” Diabetes has touched the Bendl family. Erik’s mother passed away at the age of 54 after suffering with diabetes. “But my uncle is the example that you can be there for your grandchildren. After 40 years, he just turned 84 years old with diabetes.”This isn’t the first time the Kentucky native has decided to take a walk. He’s traveled by foot from Louisville to Pittsburgh and from Kentucky to Kansas but this is his first trip up the eastern seaboard. They’re making the most of it taking in the sites wherever they can. “It’s been pretty good,” says Ethan Bendl, Erik’s son. “It’s been really mellow and, you know, not too eventful but it’s been pretty eventful.”It’s been a slightly more eventful visit to Maine for their dog Nice. “He got skunked the other night and I discovered I’m not one of those that can smell skunk, so I let him right back in the van to sleep all night. So we’ve got a gift of Maine that keeps giving,” says Erik.The trio plans on stopping for a tour of Bangor on Friday before heading off to Acadia. At their current pace, they should make it their by the start of next week.You can follow the Bendl’s progress and donate to diabetes education programs on their blog: