Old Town Dog Can Swim Underwater 

A dog is making some waves in Old Town.The owner of a Chesapeake Bay Retriever taught his dog how to swim underwater and stay there for 15 seconds.”i always wanted a big dog, I grew up with dogs.”An avid hunter and self proclaimed dog enthusiast, Matt Lucas purchased Champ when he was just seven weeks old from a breeder in Arkansas.”Their breed is the best at duck hunting and i wanted a dog that was capable of anything,” he said.As it turns out, he was. Sitting and laying down came easily, but Lucas gave champ a challenge, swimming lessons.”Basically, just every day since he was a puppy, we came out either here or somewhere else to let him go swimming.” he said.They started out at the steps of a pool and pretty soon champ was swimming in the deep end.Now a year later, he can stay underwater for 15 seconds.”It’s basically just repetition on swimming and getting him a lot of fieldwork that’s basically his exercise and that’s all he needs,” Matt said.Lucas has never had any experience as a dog trainer, he simply read books about the breed. His advice to dog owners wishing to do the same is to start off in shallow water and use an object with a bright color like yellow and warm water.”Warm water is best because most dogs don’t like to get their head wet or cold,” Lucas said.