Day Four of Chasse Trial 

The trial continued Thursday for a Maine State Prison inmate accused of taking two people hostage at the prison in June of 2008. Michael Chasse pleaded not guilty to eleven charges and is representing himself.Thursday the state called Maine State Prison inmate, Ryan Currier, to the stand.Currier says he was held hostage along with the librarian by Michael Chasse. Currier testified Chasse came into the library office and shut the door. He says the librarian went to open the door, and Chasse began hitting her in the head and on the arms.He says when officers arrived, Chasse said he had hostages and if things didn’t go his way, he would kill them.Currier says Chasses had loose razor blades, and a shank, which he described as a jail-made ice pick.Currier says Chasse cut his face with the blades, and put the shank in his ear. He says Chasse tied him and the librarian to chairs, and had a list of demands for officers, such as alcohol for certain inmates, pornography, and information on a woman he used to know.He says Chasse threatened them numerous times. Currier says the librarian was allowed to leave after several hours when Chasse received the information he requested on a woman. Currier says he was let go shortly after. Chasse told the jury Thursday he wanted to re-enact what he called the “hostage situation” with Currier for the jury.Chasse says he did threaten the two, and admitted to tying them up with boot laces and cords from typewriters.The trial is expected to continue through at least next week.