Maine Man Charged in Pennsylvania Rape Case 

Pennsylvania State Police have charged a convicted sex offender from Maine with raping a woman in the Allegheny National Forest last week. State police in Warren say 35-year-old Mike Beaulieu, of Anson,Maine, was arrested by Royal Canadian Mounted Police in New Brunswick, Canada, near a campground on Tuesday. State police had filed a criminal complaint under seal on Monday. The complaint was unsealed Tuesday, and says the alleged victim identified the suspect from a photo lineup, as did some witnesses who saw him near the forest in northwestern Pennsylvaniaon Aug. 2, the day before he allegedly raped the woman at gunpoint. Police traced his pickup truck to Fort Kent, Maine, where theybelieve the suspect crossed the river into Canada. Maine authorities say Beaulieu served four years after he was convicted in 2005 for gross sexual assault. (AP) —