Brothers Set up Lemonade Stand 

Folks traveling along Ohio Street in Bangor may have noticed a lemonade stand.Two brothers are spending their summer vacation trying to raise money for a trip.Meghan Hayward has the story.Most kids are spending their summer vacation doing all sorts of fun activities.But Matthew and Brandon Morris are setting up shop outside their home on Ohio Street in Bangor.”We’re selling lemonade for a trip to New Hampshire to see our aunt.”In the two months they’ve been selling lemonade, they’ve had quite a bit of business.”Eighteen dollars yesterday, twenty-three dollars a while back and so far today, five dollars and some tips.”The two are happy they get to work the lemonade stand together.”It’s hot but it’s nice. We get lots of money for our trip. It’s nice fundraising.”Matthew and Brandon make the lemonade themselves. Folks can choose from regular or pink lemonade.”Well we buy Hannaford’s sugar and mix it all up and have cold ice in it to make it taste good.”The cost is one-dollar per cup or two-dollars for a thirst buster, which is a bigger size. Refills are free.The brothers say their customers are great.”They come and talk to us a lot.”They say they’re excited to go to New Hampshire.And you can expect to find their lemonade stand next year too. They’re already making plans.