Bangor City Council To Vote On Where Sex Offenders Can Live 

The Bangor City Council will decide later this month whether to put restrictions on where certain sex offenders are allowed to live. The government operations committee voted last night to send the matter to the full council. Some of the parents we talked to, like Amy Adams of Bangor, think the ordinance is long over due. “I think there should be a law that they cannot go anywhere near schools or where kids are because it just puts them in danger,” says Adams. She lives right across the street from the Williams playground with her two kids. She scours the online sex offender registry every other day and says there’s a number of offenders living around the playground.When it comes to where certain sex offenders are allowed to live, state lawmakers have put the power in the hands of local officials. Each city and town can now come up with their own restrictions to keep convicted sex offenders, whose victims were under 14, from living near schools, parks or anywhere else where you’ll likely find kids. “A citizen approached us maybe a couple months back asking us if we would consider enacting an ordinance,” says city solicitor Norman Heitmann. “It was discussed at a committee about a month ago. An ordinance has been drafted.”A three member committee voted 2-1 in favor of sending that ordinance before the entire city council. Councilor Geoff Gratwick was the only no vote.(gratwick bite)If passed, it would keep those convicted sex offenders from living within 750 feet of where kids hang out. Parents we spoke with say that would make them less worried about their children. Monique Wyles brings her four kids to a Bangor park several times during the summer. “More comfortable, more safe absolutely,” she says. “I am happy that they would have to live a certain distance from this park, absolutely. For the safety and comfort of my children and knowing that, that would be fantastic.”The ordinance is now in the hands of the full city council. They’ll vote on it August 23rd.