Target Sends 30 Students Back To School With All They Need 

The Salvation Army and Target are teaming up to make sure a group of local kids get everything they need when they head to school this fall.30 students who needed a little help were chosen by the Salvation Army and Target gave each one an $80 gift card. The students got to spend the money on whatever clothes, shoes, and school supplies they wanted. “Oh it’s really fun because to be able to go shopping individually with the kids and to let them pick out what they want,” says new Salvation Army Captain Tim Clark. “It’s not just like giving a bag of stuff that they may not even really want they got to pick out what they wanted and to hear what they’re thinking and hear them say I don’t know if I really want this and talk with them. It really made it a lot of fun.”The students range from first grade right up to seniors in high school. The Salvation Army is hoping to team up with Target again next year on the back-to-school project.