Sex Offender Residency Restrictions 

Members of the Bangor City Council’s Government Operations Committee met Tuesday. One of the items on their agenda was the issue of Sex Offender Residency Restrictions.A citizen has proposed an ordinance that would place restrictions on where certain sex offenders could live. Currently, there are no regulations like this in Bangor. However, there is legislation that would allow councilors to move forward with this ordinance.Norman Heitmann, Bangor City Solicitor explains, “The legislature enacted law last year that allows municipalities to place restrictions in terms of a certain distance from places where children would be likely to be playing, such as public parks and playgrounds.”Folks in favor of this say it would help keep young children safe when they’re most vulnerable: like when playing in parks or walking to school.Depending on the outcome of the committee meeting, the issue could be put on the agenda for the August 23 City Council meeting.