Bangor Girl Earns Star Award 

A Bangor girl has achieved one of the highest honors the Girl Scouts of America can bestow. 17-year-old Ashley Scott has earned the star award.Her final project was unveiled at a ceremony this afternoon at the Phillips-Strickland house in Bangor. Scott built a raised bed planter for the senior citizens who live at the assisted living facility.The project took her around 55-hours to complete. With the planting and extra maintenance she more than filled the 65-hour requirement on the project. She says it took her a lot longer than that to fulfill all the additional requirements for the award. “The feeling is so great because the residents will be able to be out in the community,” says Scott. “It benefits the community. It’s just this overwhelming feeling inside me that probably after over a tears worth of work, four or five hundred hours of work. It finally paid off and the residents like it, the brownies are going to like it and it makes me feel so great.”As soon as Scott turns 18 she’ll reach the status of Ambassador. That means she’ll be able to lead her own troop of girl scouts.