Newport Woman Cross Stitches Portraits 

This story is one you really do have to see to believe.Donna Provost is among many Mainers who enjoy cross stitching as a hobby.But as Joy Hollowell shows us, this Newport woman is creating projects that are picture-perfect.=======”This ones are brothers and sisters”Donna provost proudly shows off her grandchildren…as well as the portraits of them. But these are photographs. They are actually thousands of tiny cross stitches, hand sewn by Donna herself.”She happens to have 18 shades in one eye. And there was 34 colors in her hair” says Provost, pointing at a picture of her granddaughter.The process is pain-staking…”‘It took 10 weeks, solid weeks, just to do the top of his hair,” says Donna, gesturing to her grandson’s spikey hair.But the rewards, are priceless.”Oh, there is a warmth there, that I can’t explain,” says Donna. “Once you get the eyes in there, now, it’s not just a picture, it’s something that’s dragging you into it.”Donna says each portrait takes about nine months to complete, and averages about 125-thousand stitches.”Total enjoyment from beginning to end. I probably won’t stop. And I know the kids aren’t going to stop coming. There’s two more on the way,” says Donna, laughing.++++Donna Provost works from a color grid, that a company has made for her from an actual photograph.She only does her cross stitching portraits as a hobby, calling them a living legacy for her family.When Provost isn’t cross stitching, she also enjoys quilting, embroidery, beading, weaving, crocheting, and crafting.