Mother Wants FBI To Help Her Find Justice In 30 Year-Old Murder 

It’s been 30 years since 16-year-old Joyce McLain was murdered in East Millinocket and state police have never made an arrest. Now Joyce’s mother wants them to ask for help from the FBI to find her daughter’s killer. “I’m dissatisfied with 30 years worth of work and being in the same place as 30 years ago. It’s just not okay,” she says.Pam mclain is calling on state police to ask the FBI for help in finding out who murdered her daughter. “Well I just thought the FBI would have a different way to handle it. The state police has been on this case for 30 years so I would say give up after a bit and let somebody else take over.”Over the years, Mclain says her frustration has grown with the way state police have handled the investigation. She says shortly after her daughter was murdered, two state police detectives told her they were 100% sure of who the killer was. “I was a mother that just lost her child by homicide,” she says, “I think they were very wrong in telling a mother that they were 100% sure and not making an arrest.”After Joyce’s body was exhumed two years ago, Mclain says state police have kept her in the dark as to what evidence was discovered. “They did find something. I just didn’t find out what they found or what happened with what they found.” Now that frustration has boiled over. “I gave them two years with my mouth shut, being friendly. It’s over. I have to go on.”A spokesperson for the FBI says they don’t have jurisdiction in a case like this and no federal law exists that will allow them to just take over a murder investigation. They say typically, their services, like the Behavioral Analysis Unit, are requested by state police. “They either have it or they don’t and admit maybe, just maybe, someone else can help. Why not? I mean what have they got to lose? Joyce might have everything to gain.”