Brewer Police and Fire Training Course 

Some local kids are spending two weeks with the Brewer Police and Fire Departments.As Meghan Hayward tells us, these kids are learning about the jobs and possibly deciding their future careers too.Twenty local students are spending two weeks working alongside the Brewer Police and Fire Departments.”For the police aspect, they are studying the history of law enforcement, the purpose of it. But they’ve gone and been exposed to the Special Research Team from the Sheriff’s Office.”The program is being funded through drug money the department has seized.”Good age for being able to comprehend what we do, yet young enough. We’re trying to reach in and establish some relationships with the community with the younger children.”They say the selection process was difficult.”We were looking for good leadership qualities and good students. For people that we thought would be able to come in and benefit from this program.”Many of them are already thinking about their future careers.”I’m a Boy Scout myself and I plan on being either a police officer, a game warden or some kind of law enforcement and I thought this would be a nice help for when I’m older. I might be more familiar than others and maybe have a head start.”One of the things they took part in was traffic violation stops.”Well we learned with our traffic stops to touch the bumper to leave our fingerprints in case we get in some kind of trouble. The fingerprints can be used as evidence.”This is the first year the department has hosted the training course. They hope to make it a yearly event.”All the choices that are out there for these kids to make. We think by coming in hopefully we can put some positive influences, not that they don’t have them. But create another positive influence for them.”