Man Reflects on Near Death Experience at Frankfort Quarry 

Last weekend a Bucksport woman was killed when she jumped off a cliff into Mount Waldo Quarry in Frankfort.The accident brings back tough memories for a Unity man.We bring you the story of Daniel Curit, a man who nearly died at the same quarry ten years ago.”I was thinking in my mind it’s just supposed to be 1, 2, 3 leap…” remembered Daniel Curit. A jump that Daniel Curit thought should be simple, a quick leap into the waters of Mount Waldo Quarry.”One last jump, might as well.”He had no idea, his last jump of the day, would change his life forever.”I went right down and I hit the rocks just enough to fit both of my feet on and I hit the ground and they said it sounded like a firecracker going off. Just echoed a firecracker right in the middle of that quarry,” remembered Curit. “When I hit I curled up into a ball and hit my chin and knocked my three back teeth out first and it sling shotted me about 15 feet and then I remember waking up underneath the water.”Curit’s buddies helped pull him from the water.A National Guard Medivac unit came to the rescue, and Lifeflight transported the 21-year-old to the hospital.”I guess I was DOA three different times in the helicopter on the way to the hospital. They called my father and told him it’s bad get to the hospital as quick as you can.”Curit suffered compound fractures to both ankles in his fall, along with a broken leg, a brokem pelvis, and a broken hip.He also crushed two vertebra. He woke up in the hospital and 2 and a half weeks after the fall. He was told he’d never walk again, but he made it happen.When Curit heard about the recent death of a Bucksport woman at the same site where he had his brush with death, he says something needs to be done. ” Another one, another one. When’s it going to end? It’s not gonna end until that place is closed down, shut down. Something has to happen.”When Curit and his friends were at the quarry it was roped off, but he says, they were young and having fun. He believes if the quarry remains open, others will continue to do the same. “They’re still gonnA go up there as long as it’s there. They’re gonna go and people aren’t gonna stop getting hurt.”