Book Sale to Support Cancer Care of Maine 

Earlier this week we told you about a young boy who was doing an extraordinary thing in memory of his grandmother.Saturday, Meghan Hayward caught up with Tommy Hosmer at his book sale.” She was really fun and I just loved her a lot.” Nine-year-old Tommy Hosmer is talking about his Mimi, Linda.She died from ovarian cancer after a long fight.And now Tommy is doing something in her honor.” It started when a friend passed away down the street and her sister gave the books to me and said I could do waht I wanted with them and I decided to have a book sale.”All the money Tommy collects is going to the Cancer Care of Maine.” It makes me feel good because I know I’m not doing something just for Mimi but a lot of other people that have cancer.”His parents couldn’t be happier with what their son is doing.” We were thrilled, proud and honored that at this young age he likes to give and just very proud of him.”Tommy has also had an impact on strangers.” He kind of pulled at my heart strings a little bit by talking about his grandmother and I had just lost my husband in March to lung cancer.”Anita Turner’s husband was an avid reader so she decided to donate a series of books to the sale.” Tommy is a sweetheart and I think his heart is in the right place.”