Livestock at the State Fair 

The Bangor State Fair has been going on for more than 160 years. In that time many things have come and gone, but the Agricultural Connection has always held it’s own.There are many components to that area. Old McDonald’s Farm is a big attraction for the kids. It has mini horses, chickens, rabbits, and even baby pigs.There are also barns that house many larger animals, like steer.Earlier this evening there was a livestock auction. Students involved in 4-H clubs raised those steer. Organizer Brenda Mowdy says a lot goes into preparing them for the auction. “They have to take care of those animals, many of them from birth right on up, some of them a little older. It’s a matter of feeding them, and giving them good car in the barn, keeping hooves trimmed, making sure that they get proper vet care if needed, and all that’s included. It’s a lot of hours for these kids.”The kids sent out letters to potential buyers. The cows were auctioned off at price per pound, and went to the highest bidder this evening.Awards were also presented to many who participated, recognizing all of the hardwork the students put into this endeavor.