Bar Harbor Woman Turns 100 Years Young 

A woman in Bar Harbor turned 100 years young Friday. During the last century, Thelma Whitney has educated students, sat by the sides of patients and traveled the world … All while staying close to her family roots. To Thelma Whitney’s family – she’s a mother, like no other -as well as a grandmother – and a great grandmother. Her grandson Glenn Mangring says “She helped raise me. She took me to different school functions and pretty much we did … i had two mothers growing up pretty much.”Daughter, Elaine Seavey, adds, “She’s always befriended people that she met. She never meet anyone she didn’t like. She helped me raise my three children. She’s just an all around good person.”Whitney’s spent most of her life in Bar Harbor. When she finished her education, she went on to teach others. “Oh, I taught school in a lot of places,” she says, “Salisbury Cove – up the road to Eden, they called it Eden.”Whitney married an Air Force man who took her and their daughter around the world. “She lived approximately 4 and half years in Africa. We went to England and Germany and Switzerland – all over the place.”After the travels Whitney became a nurse’s aid and in her spare time loved to garden. Her daughter, Elaine, says her mom’s strong spirit keeps her going. “She’s a very positive person. She doesn’t worry about things until they actually happen. And she’s always eaten a very nutritious diet.”Whitney also has a sense of humor – which shows when she explains what it takes to live so long.”I think the meaner you are, the older you get – hahahaha!””It’s just a joke, yeah. She doesn’t have a mean bone in her body.”But she does have a lot of life – something her family hopes to celebrate for years to come. Manring says “I’m extremely proud of her, just because of the person she is. It’s great that’s she’s made it to 100 years old but I’m just proud of her because of the person she is – she’s an extremely kind person.”