Supporters Rejoice Gay Marriage Appeal, While Opponents Vow to Fight On 

Same sex advocates are cheering a federal judge’s ruling to overturn proposition 8, California’s ban on same sex marriage.Last November, voters approved the measure five months after the state legalized same sex unions.The effects of the decision could spread nationwide.We contacted Betsy Smith with Equality Maine over the phone. She says the repeal of Proposition 8 is a step in the right direction for civil rights.”We’re changing the hearts and minds on an issue that is difficult for some people.”It’s an issue that was the center of controversy last November right here in Maine when voters rejected a state law that would have allowed same-sex marriage.Smith hopes the ruling will set an example.”Maine lost marriage the same way California did, while there are no plans to repeal it, there may be down the road,” she told WABI on the phone.It’s a thought that worries Carroll Conley, with the Maine Family Policy Council. He and his organization believe marriage is a fundamental right between a man and a woman.”Right now there are 45 states that do not recognize same sex marriage, so anytime something like this happens, there could be an effect that brings it beyond state level.”Conley says the issue at hand goes beyond marriage, it’s about ethics.”It really brings us to the point to decide which is the ethic we choose to govern ourselves,” he said.But one thing is for certain, the fight over same sex marriage is far from over, and both sides will continue to educate and debate the issue.