Kids Dig for Dinosaur Bones 

Some kids decided to take a break from the games and rides at the Bangor State Fair, to get their hands dirty, digging for dinosaurs.Dino Digs is an interactive activity allowing kids to find bones of prehistoric creatures in an archeological setting.There’s a big sand-box, with flags showing where fossils have been hidden. Kids are encouraged to dig in and see what they can find.Organizers say all ages get a kick out of the event.”The youngest of them can just play in the sand. The older ones learn a little bit more about dinosaurs. The general thing is to get them interested in archeology and paleontology,” said Zachary Robbins, general manager of Dino Digs.Some of the castings used in Dino Digs came from the Smithsonian.The exhibit will be at the fairgrounds through the end of the fair.