Frankfort Quarry Drowning Triggers Painful Memories For Unity Man 

The death of a Bucksport woman at the Mount Waldo quarry in Frankfort brings back painful memories for a unity man who nearly died there about 10 years ago.Daniel Curit had jumped from one of the highest points at the quarry back in September 2000. He had to be moved from the quarry by a National Guard Medivac unit and flown to a hospital. He’s made great progress in his recovery but still has trouble walking and suffers from chronic back pain.When he heard about the death of the Bucksport woman at the same site where he had his brush with death, Curit had this reaction. “Another one. Another one,” he says. “You know and when’s it gonna end? It’s not gonna end until that place is closed down, shut down, or something has to happen. Either get a petition out there for the people of Frankfort. Have them sign it, selectmen something.”In the fall Curit suffered compound fractures to both ankles, a broken leg, a broken pelvis and hip, and two crushed vertebra.