The Fofer Show 

Kids at the Brewer Public Library had the chance to travel to a secret world today. They took a trip to the island of the Fofers.A Fofer is a character created by Shana Barry, a multimedia artist. She came up with these creatures that resemble humans, but are covered in brightly colored fur. She then imagined the world they live in – a secret island off the coast of Maine.Barry wrote songs and then created videos to go along with those songs. Her Fofer Show incorporates all of those aspects. She says the kids really get into it. “It really captures their imagination. Kids devote entire notebooks to the Fofers. Kids have written songs about them, they’ve drawn pictures, and they send them to me” explains Barry.After the show, the kids got the chance to get up close and personal with the Fofers.Barry brought along the Fofer dolls she created.If you’d like more information on the Fofers, you can check out the website, it’s