Medicaid Funding To Maine 

Folks gathered in Bangor today to thank Senators Snowe and Collins for voting to end a Republican filibuster of 26 billion dollars in funding for states and municipalities. Passage of the funding bill will mean 39 million dollars will be sent to the state to help fund teaching positions, and 77 million dollars will come to Maine for Medicaid funding. There were many local and state leaders among the supporters today. Geoffery Gratwick, a Bangor City Councilor, was there. He says this funding will have a huge impact locally. “As as doctor I see many people who simply can’t afford healthcare and am I to say to them, we have very good programs you can get on Medicaid, you can get yourself back to good health and you can get yourself back to work, or am I to say to them sorry, these programs have run out of money, to bad in this very wealthy country, granted with problems, you’re out of luck.”Supporters of this bill say, if it did not pass, there would have been a hole in Maine’s budget, which could have caused more layoffs and deeper cuts to state services.