Celebrity Summit Arrives in Bar Harbor 

A celebrity has arrived in Bar Harbor, with an entourage of nearly 2,000 people.This star of the seas is giving folks from around the world a chance to marvel at the beauty Maine has to offer.There are a few more visitors to Bar Harbor than normal. About 1,900 more to be exact, and they all arrived in style, on the Celebrity Summit cruise ship.”You wake up and you see something new out of your window every day,” said Evan Wolkofsky, a North Carolina resident. It’s a seven day trip. Passengers got to Bar Harbor on Wednesday, and folks we spoke with say they love the coastal community: each for their own reasons.” We just biked Acadia National Park, we’re going to go whale watching. We have a beautiful day,” said Wolkofsky.”This is a beautiful town and the women are gorgeous,” added George Rosenthal. Rosenthal is from Manhattan. It’s his first time in Maine, just like many of the other travelers, and so far, so good.”I love it up here. I love Maine and I love the people so far,” said Rosenthal.”I’ve had lobster at every meal so far. People are nice, the accents are not as thick as I thought they’d be,” said Wolkofsky with a laugh.And while most say they love the beauty and the summer weather, Rosenthal says he’s not planning to relocate here any time soon.”I heard it’s 20 below in February. How do you live here in February?” asked Rosenthal.He won’t have to worry about the winter weather in Maine, as the Celebrity Summit only makes appearances in Bar Harbor during the summer.