Winslow Officials Want Old Church Torn Down 

The town of Winslow is asking the Kennebec County Superior Court’s permission to tear down the old abandoned church on Abbot road in Winslow.In the complaint filed with the court last week the town says the church is an unsafe structure that’s also a fire hazard. The building has been boarded up and abandoned for decades.Concern over the building reached a boiling point when the roof recently collapsed. Town Manager Michael Heavener says they’re not sure who owns the building but he, and the other town officials, want it torn down as soon as possible. “The fact the walls are unstable. The fact that a gusty wind can, if a child is playing on it, a wall could come come down,” says Heavener, “plus there’s a lot of debris, if you’ve been up there you’ve noticed, a lot of debris. Broken glass, nails, and it’s just an unsafe structure.”The court has 10 days after the petition is filed to make their decision. The Winslow town council meets again next Monday. They’re hoping the court has ruled by then and they’ll be able to move forward with the demolition.