Schoodic Arts Festival 2010 

Schoodic Arts for All is a non-profit organization. Throughout the year they put on several programs, perhaps most notably, the Schoodic Arts Festival.”We do a huge program, a huge program, with a very small staff and a very small budget. We’re a small organization with a big impact” says Mary Laury, Executive Director of Schoodic Arts for All.This year the festival is bigger than ever.Penny Altman, Development Director for Schoodic Arts for All, adds, “We’re not growing just to grow, but we’re actually flexible in terms of shortening workshops so more people can attend, or making them more economical.”In just two weeks it plays host to 107 workshops, and 26 performances.Laury says, “The workshops are hands on workshops. Some of them produce a product. You can make a clay pot, you can make jewelry out of antique buttons.” “The performances are going to range from juggling to hula dancing, from theater to puppets.”This year the art and talent is all Maine made. “This year we are committed to hiring 100% Maine artists, Maine instructors, and Maine performances. so people can come to this and feel good that they’re supporting the arts community right here in Maine” adds Laury.Organizers say, as the festival has grown so has the footprint it has left on this coastal community.Laury goes on to say, “It really is a very cultural center of Downeast Maine. There are a lot of galleries that are cropping up and other arts related outlets.” Altman adds, “We’re really excited to share the talents and the resources we have so that everybody else’s talents and resources can grow.”