Construction Mistake Knocks Out Phone Lines and Internet Service 

Lots of Fairpoint Customers lost phone and internet service Tuesday after a construction mistake in downtown Bangor.Among them, Eastern Maine Medical Center…..Meghan Hayward reports.Construction workers were taking borings on French Street in Bangor when they hit cables belonging to Fairpoint Communications.”They hit some fiber cable in the ground and obviously knocked out service around this area.”Public Relations Manager, Jeff Nevins says they now know they hit 3 different fiber optic cables.Which he says carry a significant amount of traffic.”It’s impacted both internet and phone service.”That impact was felt throughout Bangor.”It runs from out State Street that we know of right now out towards Veazie and then across Hogan Road towards the Bangor Mall.”The phone lines at Eastern Maine Medical Center were affected.”We discovered that we were not receiving any incoming phone calls through our land lines to the hospital.”Vice President of Communications, Jill McDonald says once they made the discovery they immediately put their emergency preparedness plan into action.”We began to convert contact with the outside. Particularly with our referring hospitals and physician’s offices to cell phone. So we put in place cell phone lines in our transfer center. Which is where hospitals in the region call for point of access kind of admission information and help getting patients into the hospital.”Nevins says they don’t know the cost of damage yet.”They’ve got to replace the fiber, splice it and get it back in operation. And then data and voice service will go back up at that point.”As of 5 pm Tuesday evening, the phone lines at Eastern Maine Medical Center were back up and running.Nevins also says the Hogan Road area towards Veazie is restored too.The other areas are expected to be fixed later Tuesday night.